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re yu sick f wdering wy yur reat ve has't aterialized yet?

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

  • You don't feel like you're 'good enough' or 'worthy of' a relationship

  • You keep falling for people who are unavailable

  • You keep finding yourself in the same 'situationship' scenario over and over again

  • You've scrolled through all of the dating apps and keep finding duds

  • You're beginning to lose hope that love is out there

Let e hep!

How do I know I can help? Because I WAS you. Tired of being perpetually single I changed my mindset and did the hard work to bring about the great love I was searching for. I identified and overcame the roadblocks that were holding me back and I can guide you through it too! 

My mission is to help women who are struggling with love attract a lasting relationship with 'the one' by teaching them how to clear up the roadblocks that keep them stuck in the same cycles so that they can find the love they deserve.

I believe that everyone deserves the perfect love that you go to bed dreaming about. But, if you're subconsciously closed off to it, you'll be searching for it forever. Let's remove the roadblocks and speed up that timeline together.

et t nw e!


I have a fur baby named Toast.


I met my boyfriend at my sister's bachelor/bachelorette party. He's her husband's brother!


I loveeee brunch.


One of my favorite places to vacation is Lake George, NY.


I love going to historical places...especially if they're haunted!


I've been really into making trifles lately. This is a carrot cake one I made for Easter!

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